Member of House of Elders denies the resignation of House Speaker

A member of Somaliland’s House of Elders denied that the speaker of the House, Suleiman Mohamud Adan, is going to resign from his post. 

Abdirahman Osman who is a member of the House’s standing committee alleged the rumors of the pending resignation were started by some members of the House who are harboring individual ambition. However, the elder stopped short of naming the individuals he alleged to have started the rumors.

The elder categorically denied that the speaker is resigning for health or other reasons. He maintained that the speaker would have shared his plans with the standing committee if he had such plans. 

Abdirahman Mohamed Osman said the speaker was at his office discharging his duties. 

The elder was reacting to rumored pending resignation of the speaker so that the chairman of the controversial National Electoral Commission could take up his post. This is alleged to be the government’s bargain with Abdirashid Riyo Raac for his resignation from the electoral body that is the center of the prolonged electoral deadlock.